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Legacy Bank and Trust Announces Merger with First National Bank

Legacy Bank and Trust, a community-minded bank with root dating back to 1907, completed the merger in February of 2018.

Legacy Bank and Trust Company announced Friday that it has completed its merger with First National Bank of Clinton as of February 16, 2018.  

“Our associates have worked especially hard over the past twelve months in creating new products and services that will not only benefit our existing customers but also our new customers from First National Bank,” said John Everett, President and CEO of Legacy Bank and Trust.

Legacy Bank and Trust has been in business since 1907 and now has locations in Springfield, Rogersville, Clinton, Sparta, Mountain Grove and Plato. The bank’s assets exceed $230 million and it employs approximately 70 people across the Ozarks.

In completing the merger, both banks look forward to continuing to serve their customers as one entity with a dedication to community-minded banking.

About Legacy Bank and Trust

Legacy Bank and Trust was founded in 1907 and acquired in 2003 by Ozarks Heritage Financial Group. Legacy Bank and Trust is a Rogersville, Missouri-based commercial bank that is led by its Chairman, Chris Harlin, and its CEO and President, John Everett.

About First National Bank of Clinton

Chartered in 1945 by local citizens and businessmen and acquired by the Buerge Family in 1970, First National Bank of Clinton is a Clinton, Mo.-based commercial bank.  With two branch locations in Clinton and one branch location in Springfield, the bank has held the tradition of offering premier services to its customers and communities as the only independently owned and managed bank in Clinton.

For more information about Legacy Bank and Trust’s merger with First National Bank, please contact John Everett at To learn more about Legacy Bank and Trust, visit