About Us

Our Mission:

Legacy Bank and Trust is committed to excellence for our communities, customers and employees while maximizing shareholder value.

Our History

The bank first opened for business in 1907 in a small store in Plato, Missouri. A large fireproof vault was built and modern bulletproof fixtures were installed. A four-ton Cannonball Safe was purchased from Crocker State Bank and placed in the front window, which can still be seen today.

Prosperity came to the area in the 1940s as Fort Leonard Wood was being built. The bank stayed open evenings on paydays to accommodate the workers; the line of customers often extended far into the street.

In February of 2003, Ozarks Heritage Financial Group, led by current holding company and bank chairman Chris Harlin, purchased Bank of Plato and changed the name to Legacy Bank and Trust. A branch in Mountain Grove was opened in October of 2003. The Ozarks Heritage Financial group then purchased Citizens Bank of Sparta and it was merged into Legacy Bank and Trust in March of 2005. Our newest and fourth office was opened in May 2008 in Rogersville, Missouri.

We pride ourselves on being active in our communities, and strive to continue doing so for years to come!